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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I've not totally forgotten about this blog, I promise.
I keep meaning to sit down and write a quick note.
Time just keeps passing me by and life is still busy.

That's ok.
It's the kids that are keeping me so busy and we're having a grand time.

I am, however, happy to report that no matter how busy, or how much we grow and change...

....some things really do never change.
This photo was snapped last week.
We bought "Roar" when I was pregnant with JJ.
(He went through a phase where he referred to animals exclusively by their sounds, not their proper names...thus, the tiger was called Roar. It stuck.)

JJ used to work the tail of this tiger in his fingers while he drifted off to sleep.
Then it turned into somewhat of a security blanket.
Someday - too soon - it will end... but I'm glad we're not there yet.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


And here we are again...wondering how I let 2+ weeks go by without a blog.
Let's figure that out...

First of all, I don't know how I got by with my first kid without iBaby.
I ...LOVE... it. 
I also love I can see both of my little crazies...
Sleeping sweetly in their beds watching movies.

While I'm cleaning house, cooking dinner, folding clothes, etc etc etc
if I leave my phone in Shelby's reach, I come back to this...
So I spend a lot of time deleting photos.
Like, a lot. It takes up a ton of my time.

Styling this diva has become a nearly full-time job.

But at least she helps stay on top of dishes.

Kevin's family came in last week.
JJ was THRILLED to see his baby cousin again.
Looks like Myles was happy to see JJ, too. 

We played games, had lots of snacks, and spent a lot of time gabbing.

We've been busy crafting.
JJ had to disguise a turkey.
I suggested Captain America.
JJ said no.

Then Uncle Adam suggested Captain America.
And that was all it took.
The kindergarten class posted the turkeys outside their door and they were adorable!

I know this, because we were invited to have Thanksgiving brunch in his classroom, prepared lovingly by the kindergarteners....and their fearless leader ;)

At the end of the day I picked up this cute little turkey.

Then it was preparing for Thanksgiving day.
We hosted lunch with Mom's side and desserts with Dad's side.
I had 37 people in my house for the desserts.
A good time was had by all.
Although Shelby was slightly overwhelmed.
Thankfully, Momo didn't mind her cuddles.

JJ helped decorate for the event.
We all went to bed VERY tired and went to bed without setting alarms.
I don't do the Black Friday thing.
I mean, I do...just online. And when I think about it throughout the day.
The only time I'm up at 4am is to pee and go back to bed.
The deals sound awesome, and good for you who participate ---
but it's better for everyone in my general vicinity when I'm well rested.'re welcome.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

These Last Few Weeks...

In one word: BUSY.

We had Halloween...

We're still eating on the loot.

We finished soccer with the traditional kids vs. adults game.
I may have scored a goal so amazing....

...that it even shocked the pastor. 

I attended my first painting party...

I (accidentally) walked on the wild side for a while...3 miles. Epic.

It all started to take a toll on poor Shelby...

And it took a toll on my, too. day, Shelby and I were playing with stickers.
Then my phone rang.
It was JJ's teacher reminding me it was an early out.
I had forgotten.
So ol' sticker face and I ran to the school as fast as we could to retrieve our JJ.
She was barefoot, stickered up, and I was in my comfy clothes...
But we got him.

He was not happy with me.
I may or may not have made up with him with the aide of a milkshake.
I'm totally okay with that.

Shelby has been teething and extra lovey through it all.
JJ doesn't seem to mind.

We attended JJ's Veteran's Day Program.
JJ invited Papa Lee as his veteran.
There was singing, good company, and cookies.
I'm not sure what else you could want...

This last week we did a whole lot of nothing.
The kids have been sick and we're trying to get ready for company.
One continues to cancel out the other, so I feel like a hamster on a wheel.
Thankfully, I think they've both finally made the turn and we can move on.
And bleach everything in site.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's Fall, Ya'll

It's here.
Like it...or not.
It's fall.

Shelby has decided to hibernate until it's time to swim again.
I totally get her.

But how cute does the clubhouse look since JJ got a couple pumpkins for their porch. 
Seriously, if I would have had this clubhouse growing up, I would have never came inside.

We've been doing homework.
And I really mean "we"...
Shelby doesn't like to be left out.
Sitting at the table is not enough.
She has to have work to do.

Last weekend, Kevin's sister and family came to town.
We may or may not have slept all over the place and stayed in our jammies most of day 1.
It was glorious.

Kevin's grand-nephew, Myles.

Shelby loved having a baby around.
(And yes, Kevin is old enough to have a GRANDnephew...let that sink in for a minute).

The whole fam got to go watch JJ tear up the soccer field...

aka - run through the tunnel of adoring fans and socialize all over the playing field.

The kiddos.

We had a great visit.
But we were EXHAUSTED from so much fun.
We were in bed, dozing off...then Kevin's phone went off.
Immediate laughter and he just hands me his phone to read.
Then we giggled the night away while trying to fall asleep.

Ol Shelbs and I got all gussied up this week for a generations picture.
Today, we had a viewing for the pics and I can.not.wait. to see the finished product.

My big boy.
I don't know how this is happening.
He has started doing the Children Challenge page during church.
Granted, he needs help - but he loves counting the theme word.

It forces him to listen and pay attention (as best he can).
And that makes me a little sad.
It shows how much he's growing up.
And then that makes me feel old.
Which makes me feel sad all over again.
Slippery, sad slope I'm on here.

Good thing it's almost Halloween. 
I LOOOOOVE Halloween.
And I can't wait to show off our costumes.
Just a few more days.
The countdown is on.
Let's do this...