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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

These Last Few Weeks...

In one word: BUSY.

We had Halloween...

We're still eating on the loot.

We finished soccer with the traditional kids vs. adults game.
I may have scored a goal so amazing....

...that it even shocked the pastor. 

I attended my first painting party...

I (accidentally) walked on the wild side for a while...3 miles. Epic.

It all started to take a toll on poor Shelby...

And it took a toll on my, too. day, Shelby and I were playing with stickers.
Then my phone rang.
It was JJ's teacher reminding me it was an early out.
I had forgotten.
So ol' sticker face and I ran to the school as fast as we could to retrieve our JJ.
She was barefoot, stickered up, and I was in my comfy clothes...
But we got him.

He was not happy with me.
I may or may not have made up with him with the aide of a milkshake.
I'm totally okay with that.

Shelby has been teething and extra lovey through it all.
JJ doesn't seem to mind.

We attended JJ's Veteran's Day Program.
JJ invited Papa Lee as his veteran.
There was singing, good company, and cookies.
I'm not sure what else you could want...

This last week we did a whole lot of nothing.
The kids have been sick and we're trying to get ready for company.
One continues to cancel out the other, so I feel like a hamster on a wheel.
Thankfully, I think they've both finally made the turn and we can move on.
And bleach everything in site.

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