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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's Fall, Ya'll

It's here.
Like it...or not.
It's fall.

Shelby has decided to hibernate until it's time to swim again.
I totally get her.

But how cute does the clubhouse look since JJ got a couple pumpkins for their porch. 
Seriously, if I would have had this clubhouse growing up, I would have never came inside.

We've been doing homework.
And I really mean "we"...
Shelby doesn't like to be left out.
Sitting at the table is not enough.
She has to have work to do.

Last weekend, Kevin's sister and family came to town.
We may or may not have slept all over the place and stayed in our jammies most of day 1.
It was glorious.

Kevin's grand-nephew, Myles.

Shelby loved having a baby around.
(And yes, Kevin is old enough to have a GRANDnephew...let that sink in for a minute).

The whole fam got to go watch JJ tear up the soccer field...

aka - run through the tunnel of adoring fans and socialize all over the playing field.

The kiddos.

We had a great visit.
But we were EXHAUSTED from so much fun.
We were in bed, dozing off...then Kevin's phone went off.
Immediate laughter and he just hands me his phone to read.
Then we giggled the night away while trying to fall asleep.

Ol Shelbs and I got all gussied up this week for a generations picture.
Today, we had a viewing for the pics and I can.not.wait. to see the finished product.

My big boy.
I don't know how this is happening.
He has started doing the Children Challenge page during church.
Granted, he needs help - but he loves counting the theme word.

It forces him to listen and pay attention (as best he can).
And that makes me a little sad.
It shows how much he's growing up.
And then that makes me feel old.
Which makes me feel sad all over again.
Slippery, sad slope I'm on here.

Good thing it's almost Halloween. 
I LOOOOOVE Halloween.
And I can't wait to show off our costumes.
Just a few more days.
The countdown is on.
Let's do this...

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