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Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Still pregnant.
I'll just get that update out of the way.
Still waiting for our little one to decide it's time to get the ball rolling.

Ok, back to Thursday.
Another tball practice.
Kevin had to work, so Dad/Papa went with us…since I'm pretty useless right now. 

Friday, the kitties started coming out to play.
Bob decided they should be taken under the porch about a week ago or so.
Now, they're walking well enough on their own to come out and play when we call them.

Saturday, I cleaned and we prepared for Easter.


Then off to Mom and Dad's.

Umi tricked JJ into eating Pop-Rocks.
He didn't like them.
It was hilarious.

JJ jumping on the rocket launcher we got him for Easter.
Kevin later got that rocket stuck in a tree.
Good thing it came with 2 more. 

We took 4-wheeler rides.

Shot enough that the cops showed up...

Went home.
Cleaned out the Explorer, played with kitties, got filthy, took a ride in the Polaris...
(I sincerely don't even recognize my own face. Dear baby, PLEASE COME OUT ASAP)
Then back to church, and back home.

Today we stayed local.
I cleaned.
I'm determined to be as prepared for this baby to come as possible.
Tomorrow we have another appointment to see if we're any closer.
Fingers crossed.
And grocery shopping.

Unless we're on our way to the hospital???
10 days tip the due date. 
Nearly there...

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