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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Resolutions - How'd It Go?

Ever since around high school, I've always had the same resolutions... to lose weight and to read my bible more. 

(I hate the tattoo, but love the picture)
Of course I wasn't overweight in high school....I just wished for rock hard abs. And like most women out there, I look back now and think "You were so stupid, you looked great!" Now, forget about the rock hard abs, I just want to look the way I did in high school. It's a vicious cycle. 

However, on New Year's Day 2011 - I got on the scale and thought, ok, this is crazy and I can do this. Actually, it was more or less a lot of tears, self-anger and coming to grips that it was time to lose the rest of the baby weight. Also, my brother had just gotten engaged and I was determined to not be the chubby girl in the pictures. That was 20 pounds ago! There is still more I want to lose, but I did it! For the first time, I actually followed through on a resolution I had been setting for years! We've got a big, amazing family vacation coming up in June, so I've got motivation to keep on going. I also received Just Dance 3 for Christmas, so that helps. 

On to the bible reading...the same thing would happen every year. I'd be really diligent about reading for a couple months and then just start to slack. The goal I set for 2011 was to spend some time reading my bible and doing a devotion every day. Well, I kept track. I missed 5 days this year. I didn't meet my goal but I came pretty close. I'm also in the habit of doing my devotions daily - so that should help with this coming year! All in all, I count it as a success. 

I'm always sad to see a year come to an end. Especially now that I have a little boy....who will be THREE YEARS OLD in 2012!?!?! Yikes. And -- it will be my last year in my 20s. know what? Bring it, 2012. We've got some pretty big plans and some high expectations that I hope you all get to see unravel soon. That's our prayer, at least. Here we go - onto a new year...


Cassie said...

that's right, BRING IT 2012.

PS - 20 pounds.....HOLLA!! You go girl!

Beth said...

Why thank you, ma'am! Here's to another 20, lol!!!

Kacie said...

A sibling for JJ in 2012?! :)

Beth said...

Kac - If he gets one, I'm not even in on it yet! lol