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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, weekend and I guess part of last week.
I decided to upgrade to Yosemite and holy moly....
Apparently everything I've ever installed on my computer had to update too.
It took forever.
I was all set to blog, but then gave up waiting at 11:30pm for upgrades to complete, so I was over it and over blogging by the time it all finished up like a day later. 

Kevin got a new banner for the shop!

It's a belated birthday present and it's perfect.

Shelby watched everything while she was buckled in on the forklift.
She approves.

Check out these peonies coming up!
I am SO happy they made it.
They are a starter off of a plant that belonged to my great-grandmother.
I'm stoked.

I decided to organize my desk and found this gem!
My brother and sister and I watched this probably somewhere around 429 times throughout our childhood on VHS.
(Although, I think eventually Brooke recorded a Cardinals game over it and I probably nearly killed her for it.) So...Mom and Dad bought it for me for Christmas a few years back. I stored it in my desk and forgot all about it! Woot!

 Shelby is fully mobile, and as a result, I'm repairing a lot of JJ's "block maps" she gets her hands on.

Did you know Wal-Mart sells pretzel bread?
And if you make sandwiches out of them, add butter and salt and bake them...'s mind-blowingly delicious?
Because they are.

Another thing I learned recently is that when Shelby wakes up from a nap, if you don't go get her asap, she'll get bored enough to just get naked and play around the crib for a while.

This weekend we went to a surprise party for one of our favorite nurses.

We attended another soccer game.

JJ did amazing and scored a goal!
He's starting to pay attention to the game, not just pay attention to the kids :)

We went to church, did yard work, and I had the privilege of putting an ACTUAL barrette in Shelby's hair.
No glue.
No headbands.
No cheats.
Nearly a year old and finally enough hair for a simple clippy!

And the kids played the rest of Sunday. 

We opened the pool!
We got the cover off and are trying to take advantage of the rain for filling it up for the year.

Last night, I made pizza for dinner.
I made half of one just cheese, for JJ and Shelby.
JJ ate one whole piece.
Shelby ate two entire pieces.
By herself.

How she's still only 28 inches tall and 17lb 12oz is beyond me.
But those stats put her in about the 10th percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight.
My money, however, says she could out eat any 95th percentile kid out there, hands down.

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