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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

LOL Wednesday - and what we've been up to...

This cute little thing has been part of our lives for almost a whole month now.
Every day is busy and full, slow and dragging, completely different, terribly the same…
And we wouldn't have it any other way.
It just means I've been awful at blogging.
My apologies.

Shelby hates the car seat.
Even if the car is moving.
Hates it.
So we tried introducing pacis to help her.
She equally hated the pacis I bought her.
Gagged every time I put it in her mouth.
So I bought a ton of pacis.

She decided she could tolerate the MAM brand, top left.
Doesn't love it, but will tolerate them.
Still hates the car seat, though. 

In fact, while at WalMart this week, whenever anyone would ask him about his new little sister (who I was wearing as we shopped) JJ would say, "This is Felby. She hates the car seat."

We've been enjoying lazy mornings.

JJ helps keep the baby calm while I try to get a shower in.
She loves her big brother.

One morning, JJ woke up a bit barfy, so the kids took over the bed.

We've been enjoying big girl baths. 

And JJ started tball games.

I mean seriously - a 4 year old in a baseball uniform.
Be still my heart.

He did pretty good.
And I'm not talking about skill, I'm talking about behavior.
It's hard to stay engaged while you're playing the field.
But he did fine.

Got some good hits in, too.

And got to hang with Daddy in the dugout.

We have nighttime chores.
Mix the tea.
Feed the animals (dog, fish, and cats).
Brushing teeth.
Get the laundry upstairs so I can fold it in the morning.

Monday night, JJ took it upon himself to get the hamper up the stairs.
While Kevin was feeding the animals and I was upstairs calming the baby.
He had a system and it worked.

He labored alone, Kevin and I were both unaware he was doing it.

But slowly and surely, this kid got the whole hamper up the stairs.

He's a pretty great kid.

So great, in fact, that we're going to go enjoy the park this afternoon with Aunt B.
It's a perfect day to be outside for a bit.
But only a bit, and only with a sweet tea in hand.

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Cassie said...

those funnies - you get me every time.

love the brother and sister bond. it's adorable!!