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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I've been away for a while.
Let me explain a little. 

This last week and a half has been exhausting.
Physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

In short - my grandmother had what was supposed to be a routine procedure. 
Simple enough, in and out.
Instead, there was a complication.
One week later, she passed away.

It was sudden.
To us. 

But not to God.
We've talked so much about His timing over the last week.
Sometimes we see clearly what is coming. Sometimes everything makes perfect sense and falls into place just the way we like.

But sometimes we are taken by surprise. Sometimes we disagree with what we see unfolding before us.
God's thoughts are not our thoughts. His ways are not our ways.  
However, that doesn't make God any less God, or any less good.

(Thanksgiving 1983)

This weekend we said goodbye.
It was hard. Very sad. 
But there were lots of smiles, too.
Lots of stories to share and old photos to dig through. 

(Dad and Grandma on his wedding day - June 26, 1982)

(Grandma with her first 3 sons - Dad is the youngest on her lap)

I'm thankful that this prissy, little thing is here.

Something about holding a baby is very calming.
She was a great distraction from all that was going on. 
And she was a trooper as she was passed around for 3 straight days to family, friends, acquaintances...

And thankfully, she really only barfed on immediate family.
No big deal.

Shelby Lee is starting to smile.
I love it.

JJ is still a great big brother and very helpful.
Here, he's trying desperately to get her to take her paci.
(Note his open mouth, demonstrating how easy it is!)

He's also a big help when it's time for yard work.
It's probably one of his favorite things to do with Papa.

To wrap up our long week, we got the baby pool out Saturday evening.
But really it was just an excuse to get Shelby in one of her new swimming  suits.

And for JJ to show off to his sister all of his cool water tricks.
He was very careful never to splash in her direction.
I can't wait to get them in the big pool.

The stairs went in this evening.
One more tree to drop (hopefully this week) and all traces of shade will be removed.
Bring on the summer tan!


Sissy Johnson said...

Beth, I am so sorry for your lost. Prayers and many hugs my friend! Love you!

Beth said...

Thank you, dear friend! Love and miss you!