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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a really, REALLY lazy weekend.
Friday, Kevin still wasn't feeling well.
JJ and I played with stamps...

Then later, I dropped him off with Umi and Papa to run to Wal-Mart.
I stocked up on cough drops and some meds for Kevin.
Good thing, because my nose and throat started bothering me Sunday.
Thanks, husband.

JJ was brought home later on in the evening.
Bath, bed, end of story.

Saturday consisted of some light cleaning, baking, and sneaking Larry inside for belly scratches.

Sunday morning around 3:30am, I heard the sleet start.
It didn't stop for hours.
Church was cancelled, so JJ decided to decorate some cookies. 
Then we went to Umi and Papa's for a turkey dinner and some visiting.
Then back home to clean.
Bath that evening and then bed.

I have been eating my weight lately.
In ice.

This bad boy has been my best friend these last couple weeks.

Our countertop ice-maker.
Put water in, select the size, hit start.
Boom, ice. 

Our fridge's ice maker is on the fritz, so this way we can take advantage of our reverse-osmosis water system (whatever that means, I just hear Kevin refer to it that way) and put super pure water in to make super pure ice. 
It's delish.

I prefer drinking out of styrofoam cups.
Sparta Wal-Mart only carries tiny coffee cup sizes.
So you know what my husband did….ordered me some cups.

500 cups.
The ice stays FOREVER in these bad boys. 
It's probably terrible for my OPT, but man - so good. 
It's the weirdest/healthiest pregnancy craving I've had so far.
I mean, I've always eaten the ice at the end of my drink, but I've never (until now) taken the ice bowl out of the freezer and snacked on it like a bag of chips. 
Eh, could be worse. 
Also - just 8 weeks left. 
Holy. moly.
Still so much to do. 
And JJ was 9 days early.
I've got my fingers crossed this little lady will do somewhere around the same.

Better early than late, that's for sure. 

1 comment:

~~Rhonda said...

Russell gave me a counter top ice maker for my crafting room. Love it! No more dragging up the ice bucket when I want to spend the day crafting. :)

Eight weeks! It will pass by quickly. Praying all goes well!