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Friday, February 28, 2014

About the other night….

Wednesday was interesting. 
It was my brother's birthday.
His wife is out of town the country.
So she had planned a fun week of surprises for Adam since she wouldn't be there.
Wednesday he knew he was having dinner at Pi.
He did not know he was having dinner with his family - surprise!

I forgot my phone in the car. 
I took my seat near the end of the table (because I run to the potty a lot at 31 weeks pregnant) and that was that. Then mom wanted a picture.
Once I got back to the car, I looked at it.
Sheesh, pregnant FACE much?
I did not realize that had happened. 

After dinner, we all headed home.
Our Explorer has 3rd row seating, so we all road together.
Dad and Kevin in front.
Mom and myself in the middle.
Brooke and JJ in the back.

I broke my no puke streak, yet AGAIN, on the way home.
Not bad, but enough to make me pee myself.
In the car. 

About 45 minutes later we were nearly home.
Just hitting the outskirts of Sparta.
JJ says his tummy hurts.
He was a bit upset, Mom and I turn around to offer comfort and tell him we're almost home.
Aunt B is stroking his face, saying he does feel a bit clammy.
He says again, "My tummy hurts."
He barely gets the words out before he begins to vomit.
And then immediately says, "I feel better."

I thought B was going to lose it. 
She doesn't do barf.
JJ is covered.
And freezes like a statue, because he feels gross.

We drop Mom, Dad, and Brooke off at home and high-tail it home ourselves.
As soon as we walk in the door, JJ and I throw all the clothes we're wearing into the wash.
Straight upstairs and into the bath.
Kevin started on the car.
Our beautiful, brand new car.
With leather seats - so he could at least wipe everything down.
And we've got those all weather floor mats that have edges and hold liquids.

So he did the best he could, I bathed the boy, and we went to bed tired.
Kevin woke up Thursday morning feeling sick.
He woke up today feeling worse.

JJ and I, however, are fine.
A little bit of barf never hurt anyone.
At least us.

So we're probably taking it easy this weekend.
Which means JJ will be probably taking a lot of pictures.
Boy loves pictures.
He loves to document what he's doing.
Like watching movies...

…in my bed….

I guess this is Hercules?

The ceiling…above my bed.

Snacks…in my bed.

His LeapPad….in my bed.

The view of the closet/bathroom….from my bed.
Get it?
He loves my bed.

We also have plans to make cookies.
I found a new stamping method of decorating them….I'm excited to try it. 
Fingers crossed they turn out.

Happy weekend!
And stay warm - as yet ANOTHER winter storm approaches.
Over. it. 

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