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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OPT - 1.....Me - 0

Ok, so last you heard from me I had kicked my OPT (Old People Teeth)'s butt.
Except I didn't.
This weekend. Oh, this weekend.

My mouth stopped hurting long enough for me to get cocky and write about it on my blog.
Then it came back with a vengeance. 

Let me break it down for you....
7pm-ish...pain comes back.
7pm - midnight or so....try any and everything to get it to stop.

1am - Online trying to find some home remedies.
2am - Trying to make myself comfortable sleeping sitting up on the couch.
3am - Crying in the kitchen so I don't wake Kevin or JJ.
4am - Cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes, sweeping the floor.
5am - Folding clothes, watching Dateline.
6am - Shower
7am - Cry to husband.
8am - Call our dentist's emergency number.
9am - Try calling around other places to see if anyone is open and we can avoid paying a crazy, weekend fee.
10am - I am prepared to sign over the deed to my house to anyone who will make this pain stop.
11am - At my dentist's office.
12Noon - Numbed up and happy.
3pm-11pm - Walk around the house like a zombie.

Wake up, take shower, try to get ready for church.
Thankful for pain pills.
Don't quite make it.
But since we're up and dressed, head to go get curtains with friends.
Stop and let the kids relax....

Come home and hang curtains.

Spend the rest of Sunday tired, on pain pills, but at least out of pain.

Call dentist and schedule (drum roll please) root canal.
Called it, didn't I?
Spend the rest of the day tired, but getting back to normal.

Which brings us to today.
I'm still taking my pain pills, but I feel much more like myself.
We got some groceries this morning, which have already been put away.
I'm leaving in about 10 minutes to get that root canal.
And I'm not even upset about it.
Let's just get it over with and move on.

I've never felt pain like I did this weekend.
I haven't stayed up ALL night like that in forever.
Not fun.
BUT - I'm on the other side of it now.
It's (hopefully) over.
Because at nearly 30, losing a day of sleep REALLY takes a while to recover from.

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