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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's Christmastime

But before we get to Christmas - here's our past month.
Yes, month.
I'm terrible…I know.

New record, it's been 8 days since I've thrown up!
And since we're a week away from the halfway/20 week mark, let me say…

I've actually even started crocheting again.
And cooking.
Like, real cooking.
Handling raw meats and chopping potatoes type of cooking.
Not just throwing a frozen food in the oven.

Could it be?
Could the throwing up be over?!?!
Please, please, please...

Anyway, our past month…
Facetiming with JJ's buddy, FeFe.

Story time at the library where we learned about the pilgrims….

and made turkeys!

Helping Dad on the forklift.

And playing around with his shipments.

Hosting a baby shower...

 It was Aunt B's idea to use fish on the balloons, and they were a hit!

We had around 30 for the shower and JJ loved every minute of it.

And on the days Mommy doesn't feel well, we've been laying in bed...

watching Alf, for some reason.

Sometimes, Daddy will take JJ downstairs for some guy time.
Which means, 3D movies.

I don't normally have chairs in the middle of the room, but that's how Kevin and JJ insist on viewing their movies. 

It's here already!

In our house, we don't do Santa. 
We talked about what to do when I was pregnant with JJ.
My family never made a big deal about him. 
So we decided we'd revisit the idea of what to do once JJ was here. 
And we just sort of never got around to it again.
And I'm ok with that.

We still put up trees.
We hang stockings.
We hang lights.
We wrap presents.
We just never got around to Santa.

JJ watches Christmas cartoons of every variety.
He sees him on TV.
He enjoys them.
In fact, we enjoy them together.
It's just like another character to him, another Mickey Mouse to watch.
He knows it's pretend.
He knows Christmas is really about Jesus, and the rest of this is just fun stuff. 
I know there are all kinds of families who do all kinds of Christmas things.
We didn't have an agenda (although, deep down I must admit - I do get annoyed with those who push "the man in the big red suit" so hard that it's borderline obsessive) - Santa's something we just never got around to. And it doesn't make any of us any less excited about Christmas!

I *love* Christmas!

JJ loves spotting lights when we drive around.
He shouts out when he sees them and let's us know which window to look out so that we can enjoy them, too. 
He was suspiciously quiet on our drive home from church Sunday night.
It was around 7:30 and he was fast asleep.

Kevin carried him inside and plopped him on the couch.
He never woke.
We ate some ice-cream and watched a show on TV.
He never budged.
So we took him upstairs to bed.

I was NEARLY asleep at 11:30 when JJ woke up from his refreshing 4 hour "nap" ready to play.
Longest night I've had in a long time.
He didn't fall back asleep until sometime after 6am.

So now, Sunday afternoon naps are mandatory in this house.
At least for JJ. 

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