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Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm (sort of) Back!

But not really.
Ok, the obvious news...
We're having another baby!
Yay! Unless you're JJ.
He's still not totally on board.

I've been largely out of commission. 
JJ said it best when he summed up our day for Kevin last week...
"Mommy is sick and she barfed in my bath."
Just the tub. 
He wasn't in it.
But still...

That's why the lack of blogging.
Because I just lay around in bed feeling awful.
The doctor did give me some medicine on Tuesday, which seemed to work, but I'm having another bad day today. Thank goodness for nearly daily Snapped marathons. 

So be patient with me.
I want to keep blogging, really I do...but not until I have something to say besides complaining about how yucky I feel. 

In all honesty - we really are thrilled.
I'll show it better when all this throwing up stops :)

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