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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Hey all, one more week left of the first trimester for me - let's hope that brings good things!
Today, my husband turned 36 years young.

JJ and I got up and ran to throw a gift together - because I've been too busy barfing to plan out a proper day for my husband. I usually go all out for birthdays - big meals all week long, neat presents, fun surprises....but I've never been pregnant during Kevin's birthday before.

Here's what JJ came up with:

A card.

A movie to watch together as a family tomorrow night - in 3D, no less.


Caramel apples.

A shirt.
(Go Cards!)

A candy bar.

And this gift bag.

We also brought home birthday pizzas and snacks for the shop and our awesome employees out back. Then we went to church.
The Cards won.
Not a bad day.

Sorry Kevin, I hope next year will be much better. 
But we love you, are incredibly thankful for you and all you do, and are very proud to be your family.
You're a pretty great guy.

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