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Friday, September 20, 2013

A bit of a review...

Last week was so crazy getting ready for JJ's party.
This week has been super lazy.
Blissfully lazy.
So this has been our week:

Grocery shopping, where this happened...

My son found some spilt sugar in Wal-Mart and proceeded to lick his finger and have a taste.

And we've been doing a TON of this...

Last night, I updated to iOS7 (like everyone else in the world).
Before I could, I had to get rid of some of the pics/videos on my phone.
I never delete anything, just in case. 
So it gave me the opportunity to go through the past year or so of my life.
Enjoy some of these favorite shots....

JJ Halloween 2012

The broken arm :(

This is from when my grandfather was in the hospital.
JJ and I rushed home on a Wednesday.
He slept from about 930p to 11p, when we arrived at the hospital.
That power nap allowed him to stay FULLY awake, running around the waiting room until 7:55 the next morning.
Mom and her brother, Doug, stayed with Papa all night. 
Momo slept on the couch.
Dad and I found chairs to try and get comfy in.
At some point, a very large black family came into the waiting room to get some news on a family member. Like, there had to be at least 15 of them there.
And one crazy, little white boy running around with NO ONE watching him.
Because we were all asleep.

Uncle Doug comes out of Papa's room for a bit of a break.
This concerned family ask him (since he's the only other white person conscious at the time) - "Does he belong to you?"
Why, yes...he sort of does.

We went and had breakfast in the cafeteria, made him a pallet on the floor, and he crashed HARD.
Until a super rude nurse came in for her 8am shift and demanded he be moved.
Lady, if you knew what it took to get him to lay down, you'd find another place to sit.

Spring 2013
JJ super proud of the bounty of flowers he found for his mom.

I love this picture.
4th of July swinging.

What a random post.
Thanks for hanging in there through this whole thing.
Unless, of course, you just scrolled to the bottom to see if I said anything good - in which case that thank you is revoked. 

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