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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LOL Wednesday....and still itchy....

Not blogging until Wednesday.
My bad.

Quick weekend wrap up first...
Friday, out to dinner with Mom and Dad and car shopping.

Saturday, Mom and Dad showed up and we had a work day.
Changing out the old swing...

Getting the driveway re-framed with bricks that were moved when we extended the drive way...

Getting completely filthy.

Sunday, church.

Monday, assemble new TV stand.

And as I took pictures of it, I realized I haven't shown any more of the house.
I went down to the basement and took these.
Our TV room...AKA, Kevin's room.

And of course, one of our new swings.
This one is on the front porch, the other sits in the backyard. 

So, I'm still itchy.
However, Monday morning was MUCH better.
Tuesday morning started looking even better.
And this morning, I'm really starting to look human.

Still itchy, still annoying, still taking meds that make me want to eat/drink EVERYTHING in sight.
So I've been mad about the scale lately.
Enjoy these weight themed LOLs.

Seriously, as soon as sweating doesn't cause my arms to swell with pain, my bottom is getting on our treadmill and staying there for a while. 
Because seriously....if Snooki can do it....


Sandy said...

The medication made me hungry too, don't know what's in it but wouldn't want to stay on it very long. Glad you are doing better. Mine actually came back for a few days after I ended the medication but seems to be easing up again. Love the swing (and my family in Illinois).


Sissy said...

I love the funny things about Snooki!!