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Friday, August 23, 2013


After nearly 2 months here in the new house, I've finally got my master bedroom just the way I want it. Well, mostly. We still need to get a couple extension cords (black ones, so they'll be less noticeable) - but other than that, pretty well done.

We had to wait for the lift. 
Kevin just HAD to have a lift. 
It's like something out of a sci-fi movie, but whatever.

Coming up the stairs, behind a quilt, we have our dresser.

If you turn left, to the slanted wall, you see the window seat.
I've done nothing with it yet, just got perfume, cologne, and some "I don't know where to put these" things.

(You can see a sliver of the lift here at the bottom of the pic)

Turn left again, and you're at the bed. 
That's the TV lift.

Looking from the bed out across the room.

Into the bathroom, over into JJ's room.

The corner of the room.
That's Sophie's bed and the door is a walk-in closet.

My nightstand.
Remote city.
From L to R....
The television, Direct TV, the fan, the TV lift.
They're on my side because I stay up later than Kevin.
He watches a show or 2, hands me the remotes, and rolls over to sleep.

The TV lifted out of the cabinet.

From the back.

I'll be's pretty cool.
Because the room is so open, it made it difficult to find a place to put the TV where it would be safe. We've got a (nearly) 4 year old, a dog, and neither my husband nor myself and the most graceful beings on the earth. Putting the TV on a stand would just mean it would eventually crash to the ground.
This way, it doesn't.

If there was any other way to to it, I would have.
Kevin on the other hand, has ALWAYS wanted a lift cabinet at the foot of the bed.
He makes very few demands, I'm ok with this one.

I'm still a bit itchy, but it really is improving every day.
I'll be back to normal before I know it - but not a moment too soon, I can tell you that. 

We've got big plans this weekend, hopefully more car shopping, maybe a trip to Sams, running by the mall...who knows. All I know is it's supposed to be a hot one.
Happy Friday!
Happy Weekend!
*HOPEFULLY* blogging Monday, back in gear!

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