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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

LOL Wednesday

And here's a fun little story from last night...
Backstory: I didn't watch the MTV VMAs.
Somehow, I turned to the station right at the end of Kanye's performance and decided to watch until I saw NSync. Within 10 minutes, they were on my screen. I hit record, watched them perform, ended the recording and went on to other things.

I did not see anything Miley Cyrus.
I've made it a goal of mine to never see anything Miley Cyrus.
Never been a fan.

But I did see photos of the trainwreck.
Which, of course, has brought the term "twerking" to the attention of people who should never have to worry about such things. Like my husband.
So I YouTubed a "How To Twerk" video.
It was, thankfully, very tame.
JJ walks up behind Kevin as he's educating himself on what in the world this is.

A direct quote from my almost 4 year old son:
"Is that a butt dance? Yuck."

We nearly died laughing. 
How on earth did he get so smart?!

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Cassie said...

bahahahahaha - i was watching it with S&H because stella LOVES music. that came on and BAM - i think we should just stick to watching Caillou tonight kids.....