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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Today was a pretty good day.
We slept in, hung out a bit, and headed to Tilden for a bit.

On the way back through town, we stopped to get a propane tank filled (definitely a first for me) and wandered over by the toys.
I left with a full propane tank, JJ left with a school bus.

Starting dinner.
Mom calls and tells JJ she's on her way with Papa to see the progress on his house.
While we're visiting, Kevin says, "The cat is on the porch!"

We've got a wild cat that hangs around our house.
I called him a he, because I just assumed it was a boy.
We call him Bob, because he has no tail.

Except, as we watched him walk around, Mom said - "That cat looks pregnant."
So, maybe it's a girl.
Still calling her Bob.
No tail, you see.

I started feeding him/her/it a couple weeks ago.
Not much, just enough to keep Bob around.
We haven't seen a single mouse anywhere out here.
My guess is that's because Bob has been hunting them.
So I started putting a little food out for her in the evenings to make sure she keeps hanging around and killing mice.

But now there might be babies?!
We'll see....

I went outside to give her a little food while she was hanging out on the back deck, and she didn't run away or anything. I didn't try to pet her, just get close and give her some food.
She readily accepted.
Of course she did - pregnant girls love to eat.

Then JJ and Mom had a firefighter sword fight.

I guess that's what you'd call it.
Complete with a paper-plate shield.
Probably my best idea of the day. 
Kevin thought so.
I think JJ agreed.


Joanna Hancock said...

That cat does look pregnant... I WANT A KITTEN SO BAD!! But if you all have kittens...I can still "have" a kitten for a time at least...right? haha.

Cassie said...

i'm thinking gma and gpa are loving this living in IL thing. i love that they are included in just about every post! yay!!