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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Wrap Up

I should have titled this "A Post with a TON of Pictures"
Let's do this...

JJ and I were off to St. Louis to spend a fun day with some fun people.
First up, hitting the mall with Aunt Brooke and CeCe.

They held hands a lot.
And JJ let CeCe hold Tiger - which is a pretty big deal.
Because she held him the whole day.

Jewelry shopping.

And driving cars.
Then Uncle Adam met up with us.
We headed out to pick up some supplies for JJ's 4th birthday and waited around for Aunt Jo to get off work. Then we all headed to dinner, got to visit, and headed home.

Daddy worked.
Mommy and JJ hung out at home.
Out to dinner with Umi, Papa, and some old friends and new friends.
Cookies, ice cream, visiting, then home to bed.

Getting invitations ready.

Then, all of a sudden I thought...
Why don't we go see a movie?
So - we did!

JJ loved it.
(I swear Kevin is awake there).

Home to hang for a while, then we went out back for some shooting...

I caught some awesome fireballs on camera.
Underwood Ammo, ya'll.
It's powerful stuff :)

The videos are pretty awesome, too.

Home to change clothes.
Over to Momo's for steaks and family fun.
Naps on the way home.

Church again.
Then pizza, old school video games...


Cuddling with dogs while getting nails done...

And Bob came over for a while.
I'm convinced that's a pregnant cat.

Family gathering at Washington County Lake.

JJ decided he wanted to fish...

Thank you, Uncle Mark, for letting us use your pole!

JJ played with cousins, got all sweaty and dirty, and had a grand time.

Back home, where we broke out the Jake and the Neverland Pirates CD.
As soon as Aunt B and roommate Amanda arrived, JJ grabbed Amanda by the hand and said, "Do you want to dance with me?"
I mean, can't say no to that.

Dad grilled, tons of food was brought over, and we ate and ate and ate.
Then, of course, more shooting.

Mom and Dad had a TV that bit the dust - perfect to shoot at.
This was at the end of our shooting.

Then, more video games and visiting.

Man, I'm exhausted all over again just recapping the loooong weekend.
Guess that means it's bedtime.
G'night all.

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