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Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Monday night already?
I've got to get back on track with blogging while the sun is still out.

Let's recap Mother's Day weekend.
Remember when I told you I was working on a Mother's Day craft with JJ?
Here's the result.

I made 3 of them.
Step 1 - Spray paint a terracotta pot blue.
Step 2 - Paint your 3 year old's foot yellow.
Realize there's no way you can do this on your own.
Get your husband.
Try and fail about 17 times at getting a good, clean footprint.
FINALLY get one right.
Step 3 - Do red thumbprints all over the pot.
Step 4 - Turn the foot into a bee and the thumbs into ladybugs.
Step 5 - Spray with acrylic sealer.

My mother's has mine and JJ's thumbprints.
Kevin's mother's has Kevin and JJ's thumbprints.
The one I made for myself has all 3 of our thumbprints. 

Saturday Kevin and JJ had some supplies to retrieve.
Well, Kevin did.
And JJ just loves helping his Dad.
I think the rest of the day we took it easy.
Cleaning, laundry, etc.

I woke up at 6am to my son asking to get in bed with us.
He must have known it was Mother's Day.
It was a nice bit of cuddling then back to bed with him until the alarm went off.

I was told my gift was the entire day.
Whatever I wanted to do, eat, watch - we'd all 3 spend the whole day together.
Kevin has been working so much, this was a big deal.

As I got ready for church, JJ asked for my brush.
And brought it back like this.

JJ said it was broke with dog hair.
His words, not mine.

Then off to church.

The kids gave all the mothers spoonfuls of kisses.

It was super cute.

Then lunch.

I love Chinese food!
I hate myself the next day, but every once in a while, it's worth it.

JJ was already exhausted.

But we were off to pick up my gift.

Thank you, Kevin and JJ!

Then more shopping, Target, and frozen Cokes.
JJ was obviously done with smiling for the day, as this was all he was capable of....

The evening was spent enjoying family movie night.
We hadn't seen Brave yet and heard it was cute, so we picked that up.
Then I saw An American Tail in the $5 movie deals.
Fivel, crazy scary monster looking cats, and some of the best songs to ever get stuck in my head on repeat for years on end?! No brainer.
Plus, we only have it on VHS to my knowledge, so it was just begging to be in my collection. 

When I say "my" collection, it's for my kids...
But it's all the movies, cartoons, and shows that I grew up LOVING.
Every time I'm reminded of one (or spend hours scouring the internet for popular children's programs in the late 80s and early 90s to refresh my memory) I add it to my list and slowly cross them off.
Both and YouTube have been incredibly dangerous helpful in my quest.
I do the same with books.

My only worry is that if JJ really starts to love one of these movies or shows, the characters are no longer on store shelves or in toy form at an affordable price. Go ahead and try to find a Fivel on eBay. It's staggering! Never mind I had 2 of them that SOMEHOW made their way to a dumpster.
I'll get over it. Eventually.

At any rate, we had an incredible weekend.
Spending the entire day together.
We all enjoyed it and each other.
And part of my Mother's Day gift every year from Kevin has been not having to change any diapers for the day.
Since JJ is potty trained this year, that was sort of a gift to Kevin, as well.
So, thank you, JJ - from the both of us!

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Sandy Underwood said...

Had a minute and looked on your blog. Now I know how to paint a great looking pot! Thank you so much for my wonderful Mothers Day Gift. And that foot - we will be showing that to girlfriends and then a wife sometime in the far away future.

Love all of you,