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Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday!
Another beautiful Spring day!

Let's get to the weekend, shall we?
Friday, once we were in, we stayed in.
JJ went to the bath filthy and to bed exhausted.
That means it was a pretty great day, right?!

Saturday we planned on staying in and being lazy all day.
But my husband had to head to IL Sunday morning for a meeting about the new house. 
He does not own a cell phone.
He doesn't want one.
And he thought he'd just borrow my brand new iPhone for his quick visit to IL.
Hilarious, right?!

So JJ and I headed to K-Mart to get him a Tracfone.
Let that sink in for a minute.
And remember, this is probably the world's grossest, most awkward K-Mart.
In fact, my sister called while I was there, and when I told her where I was, she just said..."Why would you go to K-Mart?!?!" Me: Because it's the closest store to my house. Sister: "Still...."
But I did tell her, whenever you leave K-Mart, it's like watching an episode of hoarders.
Whenever it goes off, you feel really good about yourself.
Instant confidence booster.

I got up, made a giant breakfast for Kevin, and helped him get ready to hit the road.
Which was pretty easy since he only stayed one night. 
No biggie. 

We had resigned ourselves to being stuck at home for the rest of the day, since we're a one car family and Kevin took the car. But then we got a text asking if we wanted to go hiking...
I said sure!
Sometimes I even surprise myself!
Our dear friends, p and her parents, came and picked us up and off we went.

JJ wants help crossing a small stream.

Once we were done with our 2 hour walk in Kanawha State Forest, we headed out for dinner.
My kid ate green beans, ya'll!!
Fried green beans, but still...

Then we were home.
Took baths.
And once in bed, JJ was asleep before the title screen for Wreck-It Ralph.

This morning, the first thing JJ got to do was park his behind on a potty.
He was chilly, I swear there's a tiny toilet under there somewhere.

So, he pees, gets really excited about it - and we decide to try some Pull-Ups for a while.
I swear, he refuses to potty train!

Although we did have a HUGE breakthrough this weekend.
JJ pooped on the potty.
I told him if he did he got to pick something special from the store.
He wants a boy fish.
So, since he earned it, I guess we're getting a boy fish tomorrow.
Mom suggests using it to help him train.
We'll see.
I just need to hear from mom's of incredibly stubborn 3.5 year old boys who have had success breaking them like wild horses. Help!


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