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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Big Day

Ok, so let's get to the big news for the day...
JJ picked a fish.
We got a little Betta Fish.
Because they told us at PetSmart it's the only one you can take right home and throw in a take. Others, apparently, you have to get the tank water circulating for 24 hours prior to putting the fish in it.
JJ ain't got time for that.
So, he chose this little guy.

And took him everywhere today.
Ulta Beauty.
Shoe Carnival.
The Bank.

"Boy Fish" saw it all.
Whenever you ask him what the fish's name is, he tells you he bought a boy fish.
So, I guess Boy Fish it is.

The decoration he picked for the tank.

Welcome to the family, Boy Fish.

I'm really hoping for better success with you than the goldfish I won at the Tilden Picnic when I was young.
I think it lasted all of 3 days.

And on to our other big news...
Check out the baby sunflowers we planted:
This was taken yesterday...

And here they are tonight!
(JJ was been camped out by the fish all evening. Which is why he's on a chair by the counter.)
All 5 have surfaced.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to dig out the little instructions and see what on earth I'm supposed to do with them next! And google "How to Not Kill Betta Fish" ...

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