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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend Wrap Up

Let's jump right into it.
This first part of the weekend was lazy.
Friday - Clean, bake sugar cookies, laundry.

Sleep in.
Hang out with feet in my face.

Drink a ton of these.
I'm obsessed.
First, they're cute little apple-shaped juice.
Second, they're delicious.
Third, the jars are super cute even when they're empty.

JJ and I also painted our cookies.


We clean up okay.

Then home for a couple hours.
Change clothes.
Head to Kevin's parents for lunch and a cousin indoor egg hunt battle to the death.
Not really, just a regular indoor egg hunt.
But still, adding "to the death" at the end of anything makes it sound both intense and hilarious.

Happy Easter!
And as they say around Christmas, don't forget the reason for the season...

****HELP! Technically advanced friends - my videos never show up on Apple products. From YouTube, this one above from my phone...what's up with that?!?!*****

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