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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Green Thumb

Our friends are Spring-breakin' this week.
Which means we have some buddies to hang with!

Last night, JJ's BFL (buddy for life) "Little P", usually styled as "p" came over for dinner and play time.
And dancing.
Here, they happen to be grooving to The Darkness "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"...

This might be when they started jammin' out to Rico Suave.
I don't know.
All I know is we listened to a lot of guilty pleasure music from the 90s.
They'll thank us later.

Today, we met up for some fun at Chuck E. Cheese.

Then painted some pottery.
Then did some grocery shopping.

Then home for a snack of 2 entire pudding cups.

While at Wal-Mart, JJ found some "Grow Your Own..." herbs, tomatoes, etc.
He wanted one bad.
We chose a sunflower.

He was slightly proud of himself.

It got parked in our bay window during the remaining daylight hours and the kitchen table this evening.
I don't know how long it takes to start sprouting, but I hope soon.
He's anxious to see something start happening and we're only on day 1.

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