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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LOL Wednesday (plus Tuesday)

Let's do Tuesday real quick....
We were home all day, which meant JJ could help "get the boxes to the big bus"...aka, help carry shipments out to UPS. Aka, one of his favorite things to help with.

Both Kevin and our UPS Driver save the lightest packages for JJ so he can participate.

At Wal-Mart on Monday, I bought myself some 2lb weights to add to my collection.
JJ thinks they are for him.
They're the only ones he can handle easily, so he thinks he's big stuff.
After the "big bus" left, he lifted some weights.

Then randomly this morning, we went back to this.
(Yes, he was still wearing the same shirt as of 10am. He slept in it, so sue me.)
He woke up with a yucky nose. Not terrible, just annoying.
So we're medicating the snot out of him (pun intended) to try and nip this in the bud.
Hopefully, it's just a little 24hr bug.

And I've been obsessed with V-neck shirts lately, so Kevin ordered these in.
The red looks really aggressive in the picture for some reason, I swear it's not that offensive to the eyes.
I love them.


Ok, now for the real reason you're here....
LOL Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, all!

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