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Monday, March 11, 2013

My Bad

I have no idea what happened to me last week.
I mean, I do - but it's not terribly interesting.

Let's break down the last few days.
First...there's this...

Screen shots on the iPad
JJ loves taking screen shots of whatever he's doing.
I had to google how to do it.
And I didn't teach it to him, so I have no idea how he knows about it.

Ok, so Wednesday...

We watched Wreck-it-Ralph in 3D.
JJ loved it in theaters (we did, too!)
Kevin ordered JJ his own pair of 3D glasses and we were so excited to see how he did with them. He was awesome! Kept them on the whole time!
Thankfully, I bought the 4-pack of the movie...the 3D, Blu-Ray, regular DVD, and digital copy. The regular DVD has been getting a work out. JJ loves watching "Wreck-it, Wreck-it!" and probably does so twice a day.

My Valentine's Day present arrived!
I found a woman on Etsy that makes jewelry out of ammo.
Just my cup of tea.
So I sent in a few of our 10mm casings (since they're stamped with Underwood head stamps) and she created this amazing necklace!

And I also got a 308 "dummy" round to wear.
I'm completely obsessed with loooong necklaces right now.
These are both on 36" chains.
Thank you, Kevin!
I don't even care that it's redneck.
I'm completely ok with that.

BTW, I chose the blue stone because it's September's birth stone.
JJ was born in September, and when we applied for our business license, we chose to have the start date in September, so we'd always remember it. So, it's sort of the business' birth stone, too. 

Ok, on to Friday...
We were lazy, stayed around the house, taking pictures.
Because JJ loves taking pictures.

He asked to take pictures with "me kissing Mommy."

(Trying to make sure I'm really taking the picture.)

Then he wanted to take pictures of me kissing him.

This kid, I tell you what....

We headed out to a consignment sale, got some goodies, and then met some friends at the mall for shopping, lunch, and whatever other trouble we could find...
Came home, made banana muffins, end the day.

We went to church.
Then some of the church went to a local assisted living home to sing for the residents.
Home for lunch.
Then, Kevin had a project.
We're trying to plan out a new building for the business.
To Kevin, that means take an entire day to make blueprints.
For real, it took him hours.
He made everything to scale, cut out movable parts for the presses, inventory, etc...
He even made a bathroom.
He wanted to visualize everything.
Settled on what he wanted, then taped it all down.

Of course, JJ had to help.
While they did that, I cleaned.
I don't know what got into me.
Vacuumed, moped, laundry, dishes, made dinner, scrubbed bathtubs...
Then I made my meal plans for the week, grocery list, and assembled some numbers for Kevin to start calling about the building.
Then, I went to bed exhausted!

Today, we met a friend for lunch, made a Toys-R-Us run and had a great time before getting groceries.
Came home, put everything away, made dinner, and here I am.

Wow, blogging is much easier when you keep up with it.
Wrapping up nearly a week at a time is for the birds.
I'll try to do better this week.

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