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Friday, March 15, 2013

Rubber Ducky

Last weekend, while I was at the mall, I got JJ this rubber ducky from Bath & Body Works. 
My #1 favorite thing about it (at the time) is that there is no hole to suck up water, get moldy and gross, and put yucky black flakes in clean bath water.
Then I saw a sensor at the bottom.
It lights up!
The warm water makes the duck flash blue, red, is by far the brightest, so we had fun with that last night before bed.

Today, we finished Easter outfits.
It took going to the mall yesterday...
Followed today by Target, Shoe Carnival, Payless, Sam's, and Wal-Mart...but we're ready!
Now I've got to figure out JJ's Easter basket.

JJ needed shoes for his Easter outfit, so I took his shorts and hat with me to compare with potential purchases. I present for your enjoyment...
A sneak peek of JJ modeling some Easter style...

FYI, that hat is from the Children's Place.
The tag says "Size 10yr+"
The 2-4 yr size was comical.
The 4-7 yr size looked like something he had outgrown and we were trying to make work for one more year.
So 10+ it is.
But his dad has a pretty big melon, so he comes by it honest.

Happy Weekend, all!

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