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Monday, October 29, 2012


So remember all those finger lights and glowing rings I got for JJ's birthday party?
I used the leftovers on his new wagon for Trick-or-Treat.
He's going to be blinging, glowing and flashing all over the place.
Except it got moved back to Thursday due to Hurricane Sandy.
Yes, I know we're a landlocked state.
In all honesty, it's just really rainy and cold.
It would have made for a miserable Trick-or-Treat tomorrow night, but nothing too major going on. Lots of wind, which is uncommon for this area. And of course the power went out.
You sneeze the wrong way here and the whole road goes out.
Still thankful for that generator!
I was able to make dinner and go about my evening normally until it came back on.

I stole this pic from my friend, B, who invited us to spend Saturday running around causing trouble.
The Nina and the Pinta were in town.
JJ is obsessed with pirates right now, so we went to tour the boats.
Then off to lunch.
Then, of course, dessert.

And what's a Saturday without running to Target?
So we did that, too.

This evening, in the pouring rain, Kevin went out to load the fire.
It heats our house and water.
It's necessary.
When he came in the back door JJ ran to the bathroom, grabbed the hand towel and began drying him off.
He's never done anything like that before, it was very sweet.
He took his time, asked Kevin to bend down, and went all the way around him.

My son's got a big heart and is so in love with his daddy.
I'm a tad fond of him, myself.

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Cassie said...

awwww - how cute is that!!