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Friday, October 26, 2012


Just got done cleaning up my kitchen.
It was clean when I started my day.

Then I decided to tackle this:

I made my very first turkey.
Kevin can't leave town for a while.
He is so super busy, poor man.
I always tell people, "It's a good problem to have, but still a problem."
Busy means business is good.
It also means we don't see much of Kevin.
And Kevin can't go out and have fun adventures with us.

So JJ and I are Illinois bound the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Then I'll head back home to fix my boys our Thanksgiving dinner.
However, I didn't want my very first turkey to be on Thanksgiving - that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. So today - I practiced.

Step one, pull out those surgical gloves.
For real.
Because turkey preppin' is nasty, ya'll.
Kevin had to come take care of the neck.
I caught a glimpse of it and knew there was just no way.
When googling "turkey neck" to show you how terrible it is, I came across this image and this is what I'm sticking with:
There was one point in the day I was elbow deep in latex and turkey blood, on speakerphone with my mom, holding this cold, dead bird while my sweet husband (sans gloves) was pulling out the neck and I thought...."My dad has the worst gag reflex does he do this?"
But I got through it.
My carving skills could use some work.
But you know what?
I made a pretty good turkey!

And now we've got lots of glorious leftovers for me to work with all weekend.
Which means easy meal prep and happy momma.


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