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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another late one

Late blogging today, eh - it happens.
I've been crocheting like crazy getting ready for my next show, so the house has been neglected.
Picked up, yes.
"Cleaned" - no.
So that's what I did today.
Deep cleaning.
I'll finish up tomorrow.

So what else have we been up to this week?
A lot of this...

My son has become a cuddle bug all over again.
Only early in the mornings, though.

And only in our bed.

We also went to a car wash.
It started well enough...

In fact, he was happy when it started spraying blue and purple foamy soap.

But then it started blowing and getting loud and the smile went away.
He was downright concerned.
Obviously, we made it out alive.

Finishing the house up tomorrow, crocheting like crazy, last bit of yard work before winter hits, and getting JJ's new wagon ready for Trick-or-Treat on Tuesday is all going down tomorrow.
We've got a busy Friday on our hands.

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