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Monday, October 8, 2012

Photo Dump - Weekend Recap

My weekend was pretty dull.
I mean, not really - it was jam packed.
But to read about it would be dull.

Friday - Craft Show 10a-7p
Saturday - Craft Show 10a-7p
Sunday - Church, lunch, crochet
See? Dull.

So here's some photos I somehow forgot to post along the way.
This is JJ and Kevin after his birthday party.
He partied til he dropped.

This is a store that recently opened near us.
Doomsday supplies. 
Get em' while they're hot.

This was my lunch at Saturday's craft show.
Ahhh, fair food.
Teriyaki chicken on a stick and a SMALL (aka, the biggest small ever) curly fries.

Today, JJ and I ran all over getting everything ready for Kevin's birthday tomorrow.
Also, to get all the groceries for the week.

For a while now, when it's your birthday in this house, you eat all your favorite things the week of your birthday. All your favorite meals jammed into one week. Kevin planned the menu this week. As I mentioned yesterday on Facebook, he's not messing around this year. We ran out so JJ could get him his gift, I could get last minute items and we could get this birthday meal menu together.

PS - when did WalMart stop selling small wrapping paper sheets?
I'm not buying an entire tube when I just need a little bit.
So now my husband is going to open his gifts tomorrow and ask me why the paper has candy canes all over it. Because it's the only tube left in the closet, that's why.

Anyway, it's getting late and I'm tired.
I'll leave you with Sophie BEGGING JJ to play with her.
This when on forever. Over and over again.
It was cute, but I only caught this little piece on camera. 

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