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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

My husband is halfway between 30 and 40 today.
I told him when he wakes up tomorrow, he'll officially be closer to 40.

This was taken a few years ago.
Let's talk about 1977.
Stamps cost 13 cents.
A gallon of gas was 62 cents.
Kevin was born.

I was not.
It would be another 5 years before my parents were even married.
They were still living it up in high school.
AKA, I tease Kevin a lot about being old.

He puts up with a lot.
I'm emotional, dramatic, high energy.
I talk too much. I have a temper.
I yell. I like things my way.
I can be a bit much, guys.
But this man loves me anyway.
And do you want to know the best part?
He feels lucky to have me.
He's a keeper.

And I have a pretty high standard for men in my life.
I've been raised around some amazing men.
In my eyes, Kevin fits right in with them.
Happy Birthday, Kevin!
JJ and I have been giving little gifts and surprising him throughout the day.
It's a fun day.
I enjoy his birthday almost as much as my own.
And I'm almost as bad as he is about waiting to give gifts.
We're terrible.

Also, enjoy this.
It's fake, but it's hilarious.
Looks legit to me.
But I can assure you Kevin did not wear a tie for his senior pictures.
A Clint Black t-shirt and leather jacket? Yes. A tie? No.

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