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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday Party!

If you were just thinking you'd like to read a blog post with a TON of pictures, you're in luck.
Let's break down last weekend.
On a Thursday.

It also needs to be said that I'm stealing a lot of these from my sister-in-law.
If you see a picture and think, "Wow, what a great shot!" It's probably Joanna's
Ok, on to the party.

Last Friday, we had the party.
Here's the perfect cake.
Thank you, again, Leslie.
It was perfect and just as delicious as it looks. 
It also tasted great the next day.
I promise.

Kevin, Dad, and I got all the logs into place and ready Friday afternoon.
I tied the banners I made around each log.
I think they turned out really well.

In addition to all the glowing goodies I bought, Dad and Kevin also strung up lights on the play set.

The darker it got, the more awesome it looked.
Kids were running all over the place glowing flashing and having a great time.

I know a lot of kids don't like to be sung to on their birthdays.
My kid is not one of them.
He loved it.

I'm going to be honest and tell you that the adults liked all the goodies, too.

The next day was the annual Gerlach Trap Shoot.
Remember that pink shotgun I got for my birthday over the summer?
Got to try it out!

Sunday afternoon JJ got to do one of his favorite things.
He got to weeee.
We were raised kinda rough and tumble.
Example: My dad once spun my brother so hard, the blood vessels burst around his eyes.
True story.

So, that's the way I'm raising my kid.
To wrestle, jump, and play rough.
Not to be afraid of everything.
To squeal with delight when you're sent flying high in a sky swing.
He loves it.

Papa gives some of the best pushes.

Then we changed clothes and headed over to the Moving Vietnam Wall.
They had quite a few tanks and trucks for the kids (and adults) to climb in.

A wonderful visit was had by all.

Tomorrow, I may not post til really late, if I post at all.
I have my first craft show of the season.
I hope to have a great weekend selling my crocheted creations.
Saturday is supposed to get pretty cool outside....perfect for a girl selling beanies.

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