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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I have the best dad. Seriously, the best.
People like being around my dad. It makes me so proud.
They respect him.
They think he's funny, smart, and kind.
And they're right.

I have wonderful grandfathers who I love and adore.
I lost my first grandparent last year.
That's a weird phrase, isn't it? He's not "lost."
I know exactly where he is.

That's another thing I'm thankful for every Father's Day.
These men, the men I celebrate today - they all love Jesus.
That means everything.

I'm so, so thankful that JJ gets to have that kind of father.
A dad who plays and wrestles with him.
A dad who gives him kisses and tells him he is loved.
A dad who prays with and for him.

Reminds me of the dad that I get to have.
Which is probably why I love Kevin so much.


Katie said...

This is so sweet. I love seeing kids who are blessed with godly, loving fathers.

Beth said...

And what a blessing that your kids will get to have the same :)

jfleenor said...

You are so blessed!! And JJ is so very lucky to have such God loving men in his life! I am working on getting my husband that way, but not with much luck. It's hard to do. I probably should try harder than I do, but don't want to push too hard either. One of these days....Hope you celebrated a wonderful fathers day!!

Beth said...

Well, that gives me something to pray for! I am very blessed, and very undeserving!!