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Friday, October 12, 2012

Belated Birthday Post

I meant to write this yesterday and got busy.
I meant to write it today and got to crocheting.
I meant to write this tonight but I was/am watching the Cardinal game and my 3 year old stole my laptop so he could watch some toons while I watched the game.

So he's in bed and now here I am.
Let's break down Kevin's 35th birthday.
I wanted it to be a day of favorites....

Before the sun rose (not really, but it felt like it) I was out the door to Krispy Kreme for some of Kevin's favorite sweets in the world - cake donuts. 
This dude loves him some cake donuts.
Strawberry, Chocolate and Pumpkin were enjoyed by the birthday boy.

Then he went to work. (Downstairs)
But kept complaining about being busy.
So JJ gave Daddy his gift.
A nifty headset he can use to still work while he talks on the phone.
Fun fact: The phone rings all day long.
All. Day. Long.
Our customers sure do love my husband.

Then I made lunch.
Kevin's favorite - breakfast food.
I made sausage scrambled eggs covered in cheese.
Kevin approved.

Since he was still stressed, we gave him another present...

A head-scratcher.
My son loves being touched.
Playing with his hair, rubbing his legs, scratching his back, massaging his hands....and he gets it from his dad.
Kevin often asks for his head to be scratched - now he can do it himself!
Not really, I mean yes, he can - but, I'm not that mean all the time.

Then it was time for dinner.
The birthday boy chose another one of his favorites - chicken enchiladas.
And for dessert?
I made him a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and Reese's Cups.
He loves peanut butter.
Another favorite.

After dessert, another gift!
Can you guess what it is?
(By the way, his eyes are open here...really. These are his smiling eyes.)

It's a goatee shaper!
He adjusts this bad boy to the width and height he needs, bites down on the mouthpiece to hold it in place and then he can shave away. 

We saw an infomercial or something about it years ago and had a good laugh.
Now he's a proud owner!

We had a good day.
No real Hornblowers this time, but still a really nice day.

Now, back to the game.

1 comment:

Cassie said...

awwwww what an awesome wife. that gotee shaper made me crack up! happy (belated) birthday kevin!!