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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


JJ woke up one morning over the weekend with really bad bedhead.
It happens when you have so much hair.

It gave me an idea...
Remember when I said my son loves being touched?
I use it against him from time to time.
Like, when I want to make him look like every male elementary school picture from the early 90s...

There's hairspray involved.
Which makes him feel fancy.

He sat in the bathroom while I brushed and sprayed his hair.
He then inspected my work.

I'm not sure how much he loved it....
....but I got a good laugh.

Also, have you seen this?
My brother said they've been playing it at games...but being that I haven't been to one since I got married nearly SIX YEARS AGO, I had no idea. Seriously, am I due for a trip to Busch or what?!?
Anyway, it makes me smile. A lot.
I feel like I don't get to be a fan until the post-season.
Guess how many Cardinal games they air out here in WV?
Not that many.
But once October hits, I get to be a fan again - watching games instead of just tracking scores online.

We tried getting MLB TV, but that was awful.
They black out games that are aired on local STL stations...aka, nearly all of them.
So it was a huge waste.

Thankfully, those crazy birds always find a way to make appearances on my television around this time every year. Aren't you glad you aren't a Cubs fan!?!


Cassie said...

LOVE his hair! too funny.

and LOVE LOVE LOVE this video!! totally going to post it today.

PS if you ever are coming home and would like some free tickets let me know. they are ALWAYS floating around the office. usually can get like 2-4 tickets with about a week or so advance notice.

Beth said...

Truth time...I watch that video like at least twice a day! Also - it seriously does sound like you have the coolest job ever. Cardinal tickets and an occasional monkey?!?! I may have to take you up on that next season, that is crazy kind of you!!!

Beth said...

Oh and PS - the grandma at the end is totally my fav. Obviously.

Cassie said...

ha - too funny. i'm not kidding though!! don't hesitate to ask. honestly!

Cassie said...

ha - too funny. i'm not kidding though!! don't hesitate to ask. honestly!

Sandy said...

Love the "spike" hairdo! What a little hunk of a man. On Kevin's gift, i have never heard of a goatee shaper, what will modern technology think of next.

Sandy and Bob