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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Horatio Hornblower

When Kevin and I were first married, he mentioned something in passing one day about a movie he watched one time called Horatio Hornblower. The name is hilarious and stuck with me. I did some wasn't just a movie he watched this one was 8 movies over the course of 5 years. 

A year later it was our first anniversary. 
The first one! So the gift had to be good.
I found him the complete collection of Horatio Hornblower.
He was shocked.
It was something he randomly said that I took note of and that completely surprised him. Also - they were actually really good movies.

So from then on, that has been our standard for each other. 
Try to get the other something they really want, even if they don't know how much they want it yet. Try to take them by surprise. Try to be thoughtful. 
If it was a success, we called it a Hornblower.
For real.

Today, I got Kevin a Hornblower again.
This time for Father's Day....I gave it to him early.
That's something else you should know about us...we have a really hard time keeping these awesome gifts quiet for long. We don't spill the beans or anything, but we do gift early in this house when we can't wait to see the other's reaction.

JJ and I got up early this morning and headed to Ripley, WV. 
Last night I secretly packed up JJ's DVD player, extra snacks, and our directions. 
A very nice man we met at a gun show a few weeks back makes these steel targets....from the very simple to the incredibly intricate. Kevin was fascinated. 
I didn't have to say it, Kevin admitted right away this was a Hornblower.

He can take the middle target out and just use a cutout...or he can use just the steel plate in the middle. It's also angled slightly so the bullets won't ricochet all over the place, they'll be (for the most part) right there ready to clean up.

Pretty perfect for an ammo man, if you ask me.

I did end up getting my groceries while there.
At the biggest Wal-Mart in the entire state....jealous?
Actually, you should be. It was the nicest Wal-Mart I've ever seen.
Lol...I can't believe I just wrote that.
It totally sounds like I'm bragging about the nicest trailer in the trailer park or something, but still. 
It was super nice and crazy big.
And much safer better than K-Mart.


Katie said...

How fun :) Jake and I didn't make it until December 21st before we had opened all of our Christmas presents so we're right there with you about getting them last minute.

Cassie said...

you crack me up.
first off the wal-mart comment.
oh my lawd i laughed and laughed.
and then add k-mart, i almost peed a little too funny.

but for real - SUPER SWEET.
you guys make me crazy jealous.
and sad. i want a hornblower. shit maybe even a guy who GETS IT. :( ok done.
but still super cute!

Beth said...

Lol...don't you feel like every time you walk into a KMart you could very easily be stabbed by most of the people there? Or is it just me? Or maybe most decent people are smart enough to not go into a KMart in the first place.

I know he's not perfect, heck neither am I - but my husband does love gift-giving.