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Thursday, July 5, 2012

While the power was out...

The power came back on yesterday! Woot!
It had been out since Friday around 7pm.

There are still areas of WV with no power, but our little holler has it back.
Yep, I just used the term holler.
Help. Me. Now.
I even said buggy the other day.
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So while we were waiting for the power to come back on and waiting for the generator to be hooked up, this is what we did....

Made Sophie model JJ's Cardinals hat.


It's been mid-90s all week, supposed to hit double digits this weekend.
I tried complaining about it to my mom.
She was just like, "Um,'s been triple digits here for a week."
Touche' mom.

Learned how to wrap a towel.
I love how brown his little feet are.
Tanning through the sunscreen - that's my boy!

And of course... 
Did our nails.
You don't need any power for that.

And I really do mean "our" this time.
JJ always wants to do his nails with me.
Usually I hand him a nail file or a cotton ball and he pretends.
But he's catching on.
So I put a coat of clear polish on his toes.
He thought he was king of the world.

I didn't end up telling his dad until last night.
He took it better than I thought he would.
At least it wasn't glitter.


Cassie said...

bahahahaah - i love how you didn't tell kevin right away. lol.
some things daddy's just don't need to know.

Beth said...

And I'm pretty sure there are some things us mommies just don't need to know either - we'd probably faint. Ha!

Mary Cavalier said...

Can truly sympathize with you - we were in Fairmont and the power was out when we arrived. Thank God it came back on Tuesday evening before the real heat. Cold showers were okay for a few days :-)