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Friday, July 6, 2012

Almost Bedtime

I have no idea why this post is coming so late.
Nor do I know why I am so tired.

Well, I sorta do...
This little tornado.

That's all of his fake food from his kitchen, my cordless vac, 2 laundry baskets - and it all happened in a span of about 4 minutes. I'm seriously thinking about hiding the kitchen for a while. JJ's favorite thing to do right now is attack it like the Tasmanian Devil and send all of it's contents flying.

Eh, I'll clean it up when he goes to bed (which is not far off!) He goes six kinds of crazy if you try to clean up his mess while he's around. Like he intentionally places each toy right where he wants it. 

The only reason he's still up is because he helped me make muffins and we're waiting for them to cool for his bedtime snack.
He actually helped make the streusel topping.
Stirred like a good boy.
Helped get ingredients from the cabinets.
Then attacked the flour like a spider monkey.
Hot and cold with this one these days.
I'm exhausted.

He also helped with this today.
Playing Yoshi Island.
He likes to pretend he's playing and it looks like a cartoon to him, anyway.

My favorites.
From the top...
Vegas Stakes
Tiny Toons Buster Busts Loose
James Pond
We're Back
Super Mario All Stars
Super Mario

This is my childhood, people.
There are others...this collection is not complete - but my kids are going to know all about it.

We also swam, folded clothes, and cleaned house.
I'm looking forward to bedtime pretty soon.
For both of us.

Happy Weekend, all!

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