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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


(My parents enjoying the water)

I love the water.
I'm a strong swimmer, I'm not afraid of it, I enjoy being in the water.
We were raised that way. Taught to swim young, diving boards by 5, mastering deep water swimming by 7,  and could hold our own on float trips if our boat ever tipped over. We wouldn't be the ones screaming in terror - we'd be the ones screaming out of giddy happiness.

Kevin is ok with the water.
He's not a strong swimmer, he can't even float.
He describes it like this..."I could probably save myself, but there's no way I could help anyone else." But he knows I love it, so he pretends to find enjoyment in it for my sake from time to time.

I know JJ loves our pool, but what on earth would he think about a giant ocean.
Loved it.

Getting his first taste, he was a bit intimidated.

He was held pretty tight the first few days.
A bit nervous about the waves.

Then on Thursday, we went boating.
He wanted to go tubing with Mom.

How did he get to the tube?
He swam all by himself, of course!

Tried the jet ski.
Loved it.

Then, he got brave.
Here he is swimming unassisted with Aunt Doh and Uncle Deedoo.

They were a good way out.

I was one proud momma all week long!
He got braver and braver.
As the waves would take him for a ride, he would just scream "Up! Down!" 
Don't you dare try to tell him it's time to go inside.
It would be a fight to get him to come in.

He looks just like his daddy.
So it's nice to know there are pieces of mom in there, too.


jfleenor said...

We went to Panama City Beach last year for vacation and Calleigh was scared of the water AND the sand. Wouldn't even walk on it with shoes on!! She finally started enjoying the water though after we took her out a few times. Then of course, she didn't want to get out. We loved the beach and can't wait to go back. Glad you had a wonderful family vacation!!

Beth said...

If there were any potential possibility for us to live at the beach, we'd be in trouble. And by "we" I mean my red-headed, freckled, frying like a lobster husband...because we'd be there ASAP :) ha!

jfleenor said...

Yes! I have the problem also. Red hair, light skinned!! You know what that means--burnt to a crisp!! Poor Calleigh is just like me. Derek can tan very well. I'm hoping the same for Austin!