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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

IL Weekend Wrap Up

I seriously had every intention of blogging more on our visit home.
But for whatever reason, we're always on the go and visiting.

Here's what we did...
Dropped JJ off to hang with Papa at work while I got the oil changed.
Go get JJ
Haircut for JJ
Then lunch.
Then off to a haircut for me.
Then to Tilden to visit grandparents.
Back to Mom and Dad's.

Out to dinner.
Dad and JJ found these feathers. Gross.

After dinner, a trip to Wal-Mart.
My first one of the year.
They don't do TropicalSno out here in WV.
Not cool.

Off to decorate for our class reunion.
Brother and sister come down from STL to hang.
Off to class reunion.
Fun fact...myself and my cousin Philip are 1 year apart (almost to the day).
We've both grown up and moved away and with spouses and sharing holidays, etc etc etc, we don't see each other a lot. But ran into each other at the reunion!
Me, Philip, and his wife Patricia

The reunion was for the Classes of 2001 & 2002
Super fun!

More grandparents.
Packing and washing clothes to go back home.

Driving back to WV
JJ seriously loves these kiddie seats some gas stations put in bathrooms.
I'm just glad because it keeps them from touching anything.
But why put the nasty trash bin right next to the kiddie seat?

And that brings us to today :)
Another week under way already.


Cassie said...

kacie and i always joke about how she graduated from high school in 2001 and i graduated from 8th grade in 2001. lol.

glad you had a fun weekend at home!!

Beth said...

AAAaaaaaaaand now I feel super old! Ha! jk....although, that makes you like my sister's age and I still see her as like 11, so now I'm feeling even older.