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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LOL Wednesday and AWARDS!

Now, the awards...
So this HILARIOUS blog I read - Chronicles of an Independent Spinster - nominated myself and some other lovely bloggers for an award. Ok, so I'm not going to receive anything - but I got tagged by Heather to share and request sharing in return.
I'm game!
Let's do this...

The rules (copied straight from Heather)

*Post 11 random facts about myself 

*Choose 11 deserving bloggers and tag them in my post (200 followers or less). 
*Tell the chosen bloggers that I’ve tagged them. 
*Answer 11 questions the tagger has asked me, and give 11 questions to the people I’ve tagged. I'm not allowed to tag back the blogger who chose me.

So let's start with the 11 random facts.
1. I have a bald spot on the back of my head from having a birthmark removed. 
2. I go through periods of time where I bite my nails and then don't for months and months. Currently, it's biting season. So don't look at my fingers!
3. I watch way more reality tv than I should. But it makes me feel so good about myself!
4. I play my Super Nintendo 3-4 times a week.
5. I love to crochet. Taught myself with YouTube.
6. I've seen Steel Magnolias and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers more than I care to admit.
7. I just turned 29. I don't feel 29, but somehow, here I am.
8. My kids are going to take music lessons. Piano? Violin? Not sure, but they're doing it.
9. I had talking parrots growing up. Everyone thought we were awesome for having them. Their wings were clipped and we'd take them outside, for bike rides, etc... I really want one again. I will have one again someday. 
10. I was born in the summer and am a complete summer junky. Pools, tans, the ocean...I love it all.
11. My husband and I started our own business and I could not be prouder of him for it. I throw myself in there because I keep the books, but it's all him and he's done a superb job.

Ok, now the bloggers I'm choosing.

That was hard for me!
I know some of you haven't blogged in a while (ahem, SISTER!), and that's ok! If nothing else, I just want to show you guys some love and let you know that I always read what you post anyway - and still check back to make sure I haven't missed anything.
So anyway, regardless - check out the above blogs. They're all interesting and wonderful people.
I also don't want to seem like a bother or make you feel you have to play along.
I enjoy this kind of stuff, so if you don't - I'm okay with that :)

The 11 questions to answer...
1. Who's your BFF?
2. What were you like in High School?
3. Any pets?
4. What's one website you check daily?
5. Your best restaurant horror story.
6. Your favorite cartoon you used to watch growing up.
7. If you could excel at one thing, what would it be?
8. What has been your favorite birthday?
9. How long do you take in the shower?
10. Your favorite TV show, current or past.
11. What's your favorite event to watch during these Summer Olympics?

Good gravy!
I totally forgot to post and answer the questions that were posed to me!!!!
Here we go:
1. If you could spend the rest of your life in the city of your choice, where would it be? For now, I'd say Sparta, IL. Lame? Maybe. The main answer to that question is I want to end up living near and enjoying my family. That's our long-term goal. If you read this blog, you know JJ is obsessed with his Papa - being near family, regardless of the actual city, is my answer.
2. Christmas is apparently right around the corner...what's the first thing on your list? An iPhone! But I have to wait until my contract is up in March. So, at this point - having my great-grandmother's engagement ring resized so I can wear it. It's just under a size too small, and it's becoming a pain to find someone who can do it without charging me everything I own.
3. What is your favorite thing about yourself? Probably my sense of humor. I can have a great time anywhere and I like to make people laugh, but I'm just as content making myself laugh. 
4. Have you ever accomplished a pin from Pinterest? Recipes, yes! Some I'll be making again. Others....not so much.
5. Were you named after anyone? No. Bethany was the only name my parents could agree on. In fact, I was going to be named Valerie for the longest time, and then that fell through.
6. Why did you start your blog? Because I'm 500 miles away from my family and had (at the time) an 18 month old. He was growing and changing so much, this is a great way to keep everyone back home up on what we're doing. 
7. You are on a deserted island...what 3 things could you not live without? I'm going to assume I'm stranded with my husband and son and don't need to bring them. So I would say a laptop with internet access (because we've got to keep the boy entertained),  a giant supply of sweet tea, and plenty of tanning oil/sun block for myself and my husband. Guess who needs the sun block? Hint, it sure ain't me!
8. Do you think having people pay you to guest post on your blog is a good or bad thing? I've never been in that position, but I don't really see anything too terrible about it. As long as my blog didn't turn into one big infomercial that started to annoy all my readers. I say "all" .... what, all 12 of you? :)
9. Are you a dog or a cat person? Dog. But I've gotten to a point in my life where I don't hate cats.
10. The opening ceremony for the Olympics cost $42 million dollars.  Do you think that's acceptable? Not for how terrible it was! What a joke. It was an embarrassment. You get the chance to showcase your country and give the entire world a glimpse into what you're all about, and you do that?!? Lame. 
11. What is your dream job? I'm living it. I'm a stay-at-home mom. I help my husband run our business and I get to raise my child. I'm totally ok with that. 


Cassie said...

my colors are blush and bashful.

seriously you had me at steel magnolias. lol.

Beth said...

Her colors are pink and pink. That sanctuary looks like it's been hosed down with Pepto Bismol.

love. love. love.