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Monday, July 2, 2012

Back from the Beach

Kevin, mine, and JJ's foot prints in the sand.

I mentioned before, I don't know why Kevin's foot print looks so small?!? I mean, I can see in the cracked sand how much bigger his foot is than mine - I'm just paranoid people think I've got some huge foot or Kevin's are really small. Oh well, I love the picture! Got the idea from......Pinterest! Where else?

We made it back Saturday night around 11pm.
While we were in Florida enjoying our last night of vacation, a monster storm was ripping through WV. We've been without power since that time. Sunday, Kevin set out to get us hooked up to a generator. He went out and bought one that connects to the gas line, so we don't have to go to a gas station to keep getting more gas to power it, like a lot of generators out there. He worked on it all day long with his dad and Chris, who house-sat for us and went above and beyond staying Sunday in the crazy heat working outside with K-Dawg. 

The giant thing weighs 450lbs. 
Kevin and Chris couldn't (and obviously, shouldn't) lift that by themselves. So Kevin walked across the street to ask a neighbor if he could lend a hand in just getting it out of the truck and onto the porch. He jumped in his side-by-side to head on over, stopping to ask if anyone else could help. Within 2 minutes, I had six guys on my back porch working the generator into place. Amazing.

Thankfully, we've got full power using the generator. 
It's been so hot here, I was miserable yesterday. I can't imagine what others must be feeling without any kind of power - especially since the power company announced today it would be Sunday before we'll get the power back. Yikes!

Since these last few days have been so crazy, I'm just going to leave you with some of my favorite family pics from the beach. I'll recap more of our fun later. 

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