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Monday, July 9, 2012


(I have no idea what's going on with the text in this post, the background changing color and all. Ugh. Whatever, I'll try to figure it out.)

A big milestone occurred over the weekend.
This little ol' blog hit 10,000 hits!
Thank you, sweet visitors, for coming back again and again.

I also decided to update the looks of this place.
Florida pictures served perfect for that.
I feel all professional and fancy!

A short post, and sorry so late - grocery shopping, running errands, and day 1 of Vacation Bible School wore me out!

While on our way home this afternoon, we were stopped by a train.
Or a who-who, as JJ calls it.
He was obviously happy to watch it.

I even rolled the windows down so he could hear the whistle nice and loud.

He was not happy when the who-who had to leave.

I would have taken a picture at VBS tonight, but it was all a blur!
Never even time to pick up my camera.
I'll do better, promise.
Tomorrow is crazy hat night. 


Cassie said...

love the new header!! everyone looks so happy!

yay for 10k!

Katie said...

Loving the blog makeover!

That picture of JJ looks like he's doing the joke.

Beth said...

It's easy to be happy on vacation :)

And I didn't even notice the sprinkler! As soon as I looked at the pic again I totally LOL'ed!