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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Late Night

Remember how tired I was last night?
I couldn't wait for JJ's (and my own) bedtime.

That little stinker stayed up until after midnight!

We got home from VBS, ate a quick piece of pizza and then it was off to bed for JJ.
I would walk past his room and he'd be standing in bed.
So I tell him to lay down.
Walk by again - he's moving everything from the head of his bed down to the foot of his bed.
I tell him to stop it and go to sleep.
He just hung out, played and kept himself entertained until well after midnight.

So today, I wake him up early so he can get a nap in before VBS.
It starts at 6:30pm and doesn't get over until 8:30pm.
Which puts us home around 9.
So when I put him down for his nap...he didn't sleep!
Just hung out playing - again.

So as soon as we got to church, this is what happened.
Finally caught up to him,
He got to have a little cat nap and then was off to class.

JJ and I in our hats for Hat Night at Vacation Bible School.

You may remember that hat from this post.
He still loves it!
And we're still grateful for that day.

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