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Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up's Monday all over again.
We had a fun (and full) weekend.

Church cookout.

JJ was loving the slide.
It's a speedy little devil and the poor kid landed face down every time.

But would then spring to his feet and yell "TA-DA!"

We also played with water balloons.
How cool is this action shot...the balloon had popped, but the water was still shaped like the balloon when I snapped it. 

And came home very late (by 2 year old standards) with our very own bag of Cheese Puffs. 
JJ says "Thank you" to Sissy, but I don't....trying to lose weight here!
18 days until we leave for the beach :)

Cookout for a graduation party.
And JJ's nursery BFF was there, so he was all smiles.

Thanks for having us, Proctors!
JJ slept awesome after coming home from the party. Didn't complain once when it was bedtime. Went willing and ready. I like nights like that.
He ran himself like crazy with his buddies and went to bed a very happy (and very tired) boy.

Then lunch, nap, and time outside.

I know the photos are blurry, but just pretend it's artistic.

Now, just waiting for this weather to warm back up so we can spend all our time in the pool again. I already cleaned my house, so it's cool.

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