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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Our last couple of days have been good ones.

A couple local movie theaters run free summer movies during the summer on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Get there at 9:30am and it's a different children's movie every week. All screens show the movie, so even if you stroll in a little late the odds are you'll probably still find a seat.

Yesterday, JJ and I went and saw Rio.

JJ was fascinated.
Every picture I have - his mouth is open.

Told you.

After the movie we went grocery shopping.
We were home by 1pm and out in the pool by 1:30.
Didn't come in until after 4pm.
JJ swims in the big pool for a while, gets out and plays in his baby pools, runs around the yard, plays on the swing set, comes back to the pools....whatever he wants. He gets filthy. And he loves it.

Kevin put locks on the gates yesterday, too.
Not to keep people out, per se...but to keep JJ in.
That way, when I'm in the pool tanning at least I know he's somewhere in the yard.

All this summer fun means JJ goes to bed very tired at nights. Score!

Today was pretty much a pool day.
I lay out tanning, JJ swims, plays and swings....until he started crying.
He fell.

My poor boy!
He's scuffed up from chin to ankles.
We quickly got him into the big pool to cuddle, soothe his burning scratches and get all that yucky dirt off him.
And the only ointment I had was for the itchies...
so we ran out and got some Neosporin for my poor boy.

Tomorrow, I have to clean.
I'm grounding myself from the pool.
Which shouldn't be too hard, since it's supposed to rain and get cooler out.

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