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Friday, June 15, 2012

Since when?

I'm sorry...say what?
Reese's makes a peanut butter cup BAR?
Since when? Why didn't I know this?
Probably because I don't go down the candy aisle. 
Also, can you believe I left without buying one? Proud of myself.
But I'm thinking maybe I should pick one up for Father's Day to add to Kevin's little gift. If there is one thing that man loves, it's peanut butter. 

Also, he says Reeee-seeeeee cup.
Which is obviously totally wrong.
It's a cup.
It belongs to Reese.
It is Reese's cup.
He's not the only one, it's a WV thing.
And it drives me batty.
Do not even get me started on how this poor boy was taught to say the word "color" - or as Kevin calls it - collar. For real. In all honesty, we're working on it. It's not going very well, but we're working on it nonetheless.

So this was my view for 4 hours today.

To be fair, I got to look at this, too.
We had a great day.
Outside all afternoon.
JJ even took a nap. A real one!
He slept and everything!

The weather looks great for this weekend and I see a nice tan in my future.
Happy weekend, all!


Katie said...

Jake says Italian, eye-tal-yan. As does his mom. I've tried to explain to him over and over again that it is NOT pronounced like that. Finally, one night when we were at his parent's house for dinner his dad corrected his mom by saying the country isn't EYE-taly is it?! Gotta love re-teaching husbands how to pronounce words :)

I'm jealous of all your pool time! I really wish our apartment complex had one because I wouldn't leave except to work and sleep!

Beth said...

I have no idea why I'm just now seeing this comment! Ugh.

Well, Kevin's excuse is that the entire population of WV says "collar" instead of color. I have no idea why, it makes no sense to me at all.

And if you were closer, we'd love to have you as a pool buddy!! Especially if you'd be a lazy, float around all day kind of buddy. That's my favorite :)

Katie said...

Being lazy and floating around is my specialty :)