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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

JJ and Tiger at Chuck E. Cheese

Wow, we had a great weekend so I actually get to write a Wrap Up!
Friday was pretty low-key. We stayed at home, Kevin worked and I crocheted.
I drank milk out of this...
Yes. That is a muppet babies winter glass featuring Animal and Gonzo sledding and skiing. Jealous? You should be. 

I turned this...
 ...into this!
 Delicious kettle's sort of become a staple in our house since the first successful attempt. Crazy easy. Only 4 ingredients! And, after doing a little searching, I found more variations of the recipe I just have to try.

Saturday we went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate one of JJ's buddy's 3rd birthday! 
Of course Tiger had to come with us. JJ has been particularly attached to Tiger recently...even more so than usual. Maybe it's because he's realized that pacifier isn't coming back? I dunno. I made the birthday girl a Minnie Mouse hat - her mom told me she's bananas crazy for Minnie!

Sunday we went to church - and Tiger came with us. 
Home for a quick nap for JJ and back to church for the annual soup dinner. Kevin didn't get to go - business is super busy right now. I know he feels bad when he has to miss out on events, but we are beyond thrilled with our decision to make this a full-time career. We're amazed to look back at the road that led us here with all it's twists and turns and think about what would've happened if we had just given up. It's been (and continues to be) a stressful journey, but thank you, Jesus! 

In quite a few of my posts I mention that Kevin is always working. I mean it! Just because he works from home doesn't mean he's around all day long. He gets up every day and "opens up shop" at 9am. He comes up to eat a quick lunch with us most days and he comes up and plays with JJ while I make dinner. We eat together and he heads back down to work. He typically gets into bed around 1am. The alarm goes off and we do it again the next day. But - as crazy as that sounds, he is so happy! He's turned his hobby into a business. Proud of you, Kevbo! You work so hard to grow your business and provide for your family!

And don't worry, every once in a while I bug him to spend the evening with JJ and I, and he usually concedes. I'm a lucky gal. :) 


Cassie said...

enjoy that girl! enjoy those daddies who want to be apart of your life and make an effort. it's hard when they don't!! even if they think the babies are "too young to care" they are wrong, they care.
yay for the business booming!
ps - that shirt is like my favorite shirt now. i wear it all.the.time.

Beth said...

Yay! I love them, too - already has a soft, broke in feel to it.

You're right...they care, they know more than we think. Last year during busy season JJ (only 1) would have days where he wanted nothing to do with Kevin because I was the only one around all day. It broke Kevin's heart (and only lasted a week or so), but taught him a lesson that you've just GOT to make a little time for him - even if it means you'll have to work late and not get to bed until 1am :) He changed that real fast!

Hope it gets better for you!!!!! :(